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Im super conflicted. I have a crush on like 2 of my best friends. On one hand I want to forget about it, on another I want to tell at least one of them, and on the other I just want to drink myself into oblivion. It just upsets me because I love them both. Lets call them Kayla and Tessa. Tessa is super funny and she gets me and I love her. Kayla on the other hand,,,she is perfect, we have been through everything together, but Im worried about her parents.  
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: Anything and everything
  • Reading: 50 shades of motherfucking grey
  • Watching: life go to waste
  • 01:tell me the truth, what made you start liking the person you like right now? Her personality, her looks, her charm, and everything about her. She just doesn't love me back. At least I think so. I'm afraid to tell her...
  • 02:what on your body is hurting or bothering you? My stomach
  • 03:what was your last thought before going to bed last night? "I'm bored as shit"
  • 04:what are you listening to? My lonliness 
  • 05:what’s something you’re not looking forward to? School
  • 06:where do you think your best friend is right now? Sleeping?
  • 07:have you kissed anybody in the last five days? No ;-;
  • 08:favorite song ? Primadonna~Marina And The Diamonds
  • 09:kiss on the first date? Depends how it went
  • 10:is there one person you want to be with right now? Yes
  • 11:are you seriously happy with where you are in life? Generally speaking? Yes
  • 12:is there something you would like to say to someone? I love you
  • 13:what are three things you did today? 1) Absolutely 2) Nothing 3) Productive
  • 14:would you rather sleep at a friend’s or have them over? Over at their house
  • 15:what is your favorite kind of gum? Mint =u=
  • 16:are you friends with any of your ex boyfriends/ girlfriends? 3 out of 4 Not bad.
  • 17:what is on your wrists right now? Her name
  • 18:ever liked someone you thought you didn’t stand a chance with? Yes
  • 19:does anyone have strong feelings for you? I dont know but if they do they should say something
  • 20:are you slowly drifting away from someone? Kind of
  • 21:have you ever wasted your time on someone? You cant be human if you say you haven't done that
  • 22:can you do the alphabet in sign language? Ye
  • 23:how have you felt today? What haven't I felt today
  • 24:you receive £60 without any reason, what do you spend it on? Anime merch
  • 25:what is wrong with you right now? Depressed and in love
  • 26:is there anyone you’re really disappointed in? Myself
  • 27:would you rather have starbucks or jamba juice right now? Well I have never had Jamba Juice so I will have to go with Starbucks
  • 28:why aren’t you in ‘love’ with your last ex anymore? I kinda still am?
  • 29:how late did you stay up last night and why? Midnight
  • 30:when was the last time you talked to one of your best friends? At her grandmother's funeral
  • 31:what were you doing an hour ago? Wanting ice cream
  • 32:what are you looking forward to in the next month? Going to Orlando :3
  • 33:are you wearing jeans right now? No
  • 34:are you a patient person? No
  • 35:do you think you can last in a relationship for three months? Certainly 
  • 36:favorite color? Black
  • 37:did you have a dream last night? Yes, my worst nightmare!!
  • 38:are you wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants, or pajama pants? I'll give you a hint neither ;) (But I am wearing something)
  • 39:if someone could be cuddling you right now, who would you want it to be? I got like at least 3 people in mind
  • 40:do you love anyone who is not related to you? Yes
  • 41:if someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you? OF COURSE    
  • 42:do you like meeting new people? No
  • 43:are you afraid of falling in love? Sometimes
  • 44:ever self-harmed or starved yourself? yes
  • 45:has anyone ever told you that you have pretty eyes? Yes
  • 46:have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? Yes
  • Mood: Hungry
Stolen from :iconxxforgottensecretsxx:


[x] I cry a lot.
[ ] I go to local shows.
[x] I wear black everyday. 
[x] I write sad poetry. 
[ ] I play an acoustic guitar.
[ ] My favorite bands include: Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, or Panic! at the Disco. 
[x] I think about suicide or death often.
[x] People have told me to cheer up.
[ ] I cry when I see dead animals.
[ ] My myspace/Facebook pics are black or white or angled. 
[x] I wear many band shirts.
[x] No one understands me.
[ ] I don't talk too often.
[ ] I look down when I walk.
[x] I wear black eyeliner.
[x] I have an ex I still cry over.
[ ] My hair is black (i wish //sobs)
[/] My hair covers one of my eyes.
[x] I always say 'life sucks'.
Total: 8 1/2


[ ] I have straight A's.
[x] I wear glasses.
[ ] I always do my homework and study. 
[ ] Lord of the Rings was a massive achievement. 
[x] Computer games.
[ ] I'm 'teachers pet'.
[ ] I've never had a real boyfriend/girlfriend. 
[/] I have a bedtime. 
[ ] I use an asthma inhaler.
[ ] I carry a calculator with me.
[ ] I bring my lunch to school.
[ ] I always follow the rules.
[ ] I'm shy around the opposite sex. 
[x] I'm always on the computer. 
[x] I've never had beer or cigarettes.
[ ] I always answer every question in class right.
[x] I correct people's grammar.
[x] I read a lot. (i hope fanfiction counts)
[/] School is very important to me.
[ ] I always stump people.
Total: 7


[x] I always speak my mind.
[x] I have 0% of school spirit.
[x] F*ck you, I won't do what you tell me!
[x] I stand up for what I think is right.
[ ] On spirit days at school, I wear the rival's colors.
[ ] Whenever people are doing something, I do the complete opposite.
[ ] I won't listen to authority figures. 
[ ] I always break the rules.
[x] I refuse to compromise.
[x] I'm always arguing with people. 
[/] I love debate.
[ ] I always do what's unexpected of me.
[x] I don't give a sh*t what people think of me.
[x] If I watch a cruddy movie in theaters, right after it's over, I'll say 'that sucked'. 
[ ] I'm not afraid to contradict others.
[ ] I only respect my own beliefs.
[x] If I don't want to do something, I won't do it, no matter what.
[ ] I laugh at compromising people.
[ ] I cheer on the rival's sport team to stand out.
[ ] Rules were meant to be broken. 
Total:  9 1/2


[ ] I'm on one or more sport teams. 
[ ] I always wear my varsity jacket.
[ ] I've won awards for my athletic ability.
[ ] I will only date popular girls/guys.
[ ] School Spirit 
[ ] I'm going to a college for sports
[ ] I watch sports on TV all the time 
[ ] I'm muscular.
[ ] I play sports or exercise at least 3 hours a day. 
[ ] Go Team!
[ ] I'm a chick/dude magnet.
[x] I eat a lot. 
[ ] I'm egotistical.
[ ] I'm too focused on sports to make really good grades.
[ ] I sit at the jock lunch table.
[ ] All I talk about with my friends is sports.
[ ] I go to lots of sports games.
[ ] I'm very athletic
[ ] I wear sport inspired clothing.
[ ] play at least 3 different sports.
Total: 1

[/] I'm funny.
[x] I'm always making jokes.
[ ] I interrupt class by making people laugh.
[x] I like to entertain people.
[ ] I worship Kevin Smith.
[ ] I watch comedies more than anything. 
[ ] I also watch SNL and Mad TV a lot
[x] I'm sarcastic. 
[/] I've been told I'm hilarious.
[ ] I always imitate people.
[ ] I pull lots of pranks. 
[x] I always make sarcastic remarks after everything.
[ ] I have to prove myself by being funny.
[ ] People expect me to make jokes, always.
[ ] I have a lot of pressure to make everyone laugh.
[ ] If I don't make jokes, people ask me what's wrong.
[ ] Jim Carrey is my idol.
[ ] I mostly get along with everybody. 
[ ] At pep rallies, I'm the one acting crazy and silly. 
[x] My teachers or parents tell me I need to focus more on work and less on joking around.
Total: 6

[x] I don't have a lot of friends. 
[ ] I don't talk too much.
[x] It's not that I'm snobby, I just get nervous when talking to people. 
[/] When people say my name, others say 'who?' 
[ ] I'm pretty sure mostly no one knows who I am.
[ ] People have told me I need to talk more. 
[ ] I only talk when other people talk to me first
[ ] I look down when I walk.
[/] I avoid social gatherings, such as games, dances, or parties.
[ ] People have tried to help me be more outgoing, but it never works.
[x] I always plan to talk to more people, but I never do.
[/] I sit in the back of the classroom.
[/] I never participate in class discussions. 
[x] I hide behind people to avoid being seen sometimes.
[x] I could never be a cashier, talking to strangers. (and i can't math //shOT))
[/] I talk quietly. 
[x] People have called me shy or quiet. 
[/] I usually let others decide for me.
[ ] If someone is talking about my favorite book or movie in front of me, I don't join in the conversation.
[ ] I would like to be more outgoing.
Total: 9


[x] I wear black. 
[ ] I don't like to be seen.
[x] I'm very, very pale.
[ ] I only listen to metal or emo-ish music.
[ ] I love creepy, weird movies.
[x] I love gothic cartoons and drawings. 
[x] I don't like people.
[ ] I only go out during the night. 
[x] I have black fingernails.
[ ] I wear a long black coat. 
[x] I also wear big black boots.
[ ] 'The Crow' is one of my favorite movies. 
[ ] I only date other Goths.
[x] I love black humor.
[ ] I love pain.
[x] People think I'm crazy.
[ ] I don't talk to anyone who isn't as deep as me.
[x] I love to scare people. 
[ ] I laugh at teenyboppers.
[x] People are scared of me.
Total: 9


[x] I talk to myself.
[ ] I say really random things all the time/have to say it out loud. 
[x] I fidget a lot.
[ ] I still use a wheeled backpack.
[x] People laugh at me. 
[x] I walk really funny. 
[x] I have a very different sense of style.
[ ] I talk in a robot voice often.
[x] I'll stop whatever I'm doing, and break out in a crazy dance if the mood strikes. 
[x] I debate stuff with myself.
[x] I hear voices.
[ ] I'm obsessed with aliens and the other planets.
[ ] I have a fascination with robots and machinery. 
[x] I use really big words no one understands, and they give me weird looks. 
[x] I say random lines of babbling that make sense to no one but me.
[ ] I dart my eyes from side to side.
[x] I always pretend I'm a robot or other weird non human thing.
[x] People have no idea why I think the way I do.
[x] I have some very unusual, extraordinary talents.
[ ] When people ask me if I like something that's trendy, I pretend to be scared or confused.
Total: 12


[x] I hate/dislike most people.
[x] I prefer to be alone.
[/] When people talk to me, I just give them a death glare
[x] Actually, most people don't talk to me.
[/] People are freaking idiots and I wish they'd all die. 
[x] I live in my room, writing in my diary. On the computer... 
[ ] I go out my way to avoid everyone.
[x] I never greet anyone.
[x] I despise people who talk too loudly.
[ ] I want people to think I'm a freak. 
[ ] I never talk.
[ ] I can't wait to get off this earth. 
[ ] I always sit by myself at lunch or anywhere else.
[x] I listen to music on full blast on my ipod/mp3 player/headphones to block out the world. 
[x] I don't know why I am the way I am. 
[x] People have said I'm antisocial.
[ ] I use[d] drugs or alcohol to escape the loneliness. 
[x] Why bother when people don't like you anyways?
[x] I occupy myself so it won't look like I'm a loner.
[x] I just don't get along with anyone.
Total: 13


[ ] I skateboard to everywhere. 
[ ] If I'm not skateboarding, I carry it with me.
[ ] I shop at Pacsun. 
[ ] I'm obsessed with Tony Hawk. 
[ ] Oh yeah, and Bam Margera.
] I always play skateboarding video games
[ ] I have shaggy hair. 
[ ] I wear baggy pants
[ ] I wear only skater shoes.
[x] I always wear hoodies. 
[ ] I hang at skate parks 24/7.
[ ] I'm always learning new board tricks.
[ ] Forget school, I want to be a professional skateboarder. 
[ ] I've been skateboarding for over 4 years.
[ ] I hang with other skaters.
[ ] I've been hurt while skateboarding. 
[ ] I've been in a skateboarding competition.
[x] I wear vans.
[ ] Tony Hawks games wn. =
[ ] I've met some of my closest friends at skate parks.
Total: 2


[x] I say 'yo'. 
[ ] I also say 'fo shizzle'. 
[ ] I wear extremely baggy pants.
[ ] Mah chainz hang low. 
[ ] I hang with my homies, biotches, and Hoe's
[ ] I'm a thug. 
[ ] I only listen to rap music.
[ ] 50 Cent is my idol.
[/] I don't give a frick about school. 
[x] I steal/have stolen before. 
[ ] I freestyle.
[ ] I breakdance.
[ ] Gold chainz is tha way to go, biotch. 
[ ] I'm white but I act black. 
[ ] All my heroes are dead rappers.
[ ] Tupac is still alive.
[ ] I party with all my nigs.
[ ] I wear a sideways baseball cap.
[x] I wear hoodies.
[ ] I wear converse with the tongue flipped out.
Total: 3 1/2


[ ] I always steal people's lunch money. 
[ ] Geeks are afraid of me.
[/] I get in trouble all the time.
[ ] I steal people's stuff to be an a**hole.
[ ] People have called me a bully. 
[]  I have beat someone up before.
[ ] I'm always looking for a fight.
[ ] I pick on people smaller than me.
[/] I push people out of the way when I'm walking.
[] I've never been in a relationship before.
[ ] People are afraid of me. 
[ ] People know not to mess with me. 
[ ] I'm bigger than most people my age.
[/] I pick on people for the fun of it.
[ ] I make fun of everything anyone else likes. 
[ ] If anyone crosses my path, they're dead.
[ ] People know not to try and stick up for themselves when I'm around.
[ ] I'm one of the strongest kids in school.
[ ] Even some authority figures are afraid of me.
[ ] People get out of my way when I'm walking.
Total: 3  


[x] I own at least 2 different video game consoles.
[x] I love Final Fantasy.
[x] DDR & Guitar Hero 
[ ] I've missed school before because I was trying to beat a video game. 
[x] I'm always trying to beat high scores on games.
[x] I even play a lot of computer games. 
[x] I play at least 3 hours of video games a day.
[x] My thumbs are sore often. 
[/] I spend all my money on new video games.
[x] My boyfriend/girlfriend has to be into video games. 
[ ] All I talk about is video games. 
[ ] I've been in a video game competition before 
[ ] I pay over 30$ a month in online games. 
[ ] I have bought more than 5 accessories for my console
[]  I know about more than 10 cheats and mods in the game I play most
[x] I have played at least a complete week in the game I like most. 
[x] I wouldn't know what to do in an afternoon without electricity. 
[ ] My parents often tell the internet is broken or simply disconnect it so I don't spend whole weekends and holidays playing.
[x] I have more than one online account on the same game.
Total: 11 1/2


[] I have long hair. 
[/] I wear make up every day. 
[ ] I carry a purse. 
[x] I have to get someone else to come kill a spider or any bug.
[x] I paint my nails
[x] I use perfume
[x] I keep my nails clean/shaped
[/] I shower regularly 
[x] I used to or still do Dance, Gymnastics, or Cheer/Pom 
[x] I like to accessorize (i wear those "fat bracelets" that are at like hot topic n shit)
[x] I like flowers. 
[x] I don't like to be outdoors
[x] I'm more like my mother than my father.
[/] I like hanging out with girls than boys.
[x] I like going to the mall/shopping. 
[ ] I watch my weight/ count calories. 
[/] I plan outfits ahead of time
[ ] People say I have a soft/sweet voice. 
[ ] I dream about and am already planning my wedding day 
[/] I watch dramatic shows on tv, soap operas, reality TV, etc 
Total: 14 1/2


[x] I have short hair.
[ ] I hate doing laundry.
[/] I like war type video games. 
[ ] I like playing or watching sports
[/] People say I have a deep voice 
[ ] I'm more like my dad than my mom. 

[ ] I beat up or tease my younger siblings or friends.
[/] I act tough, it doesn't matter what's going on inside me. 
[ ] There's only two emotions 
[/] I shower only when I start to notice I stink
[ ] I think about the opposite sex a lot.
[x] My room isn't neat.
[ ] I bite my nails instead of using scissors/clippers
[x] My clothes don't match sometimes, but I don't notice or care
[ ] I like to play rough with dogs.
[x] I like the movies 300, Transformers, The Dark Knight. 
[ ] The best way to get the opposite sex to like you is to act like a jerk.
[/] I don't read 
[x] I don't ask for help even if I need it.
Total: 7 1/2
  • Blue:What song do you listen to when you're feeling down? Teen Idle~ Marina And The Diamonds
  • Cup:Do you drink Tea or Coffee? Mostly tea, but coffee if there is chocolate in it :3
  • English:How many languages can you speak? 3
  • Fear:Tell us three fears. The dark, Snakes, My NOTP's becoming canon ;-;
  • Game:What was the last board game you played? Boardgame Online
  • Read:What was the last book you read? Im currently reading Insurgent
  • Injury:Have you ever walked into a glass door? If I had a dollar for every time I did that.
  • Kiss:Who's your biggest celebrity crush? Tom Hiddleston :iconleswoonplz:
  • Love:Do you believe in marriage? Yes
  • Money:What would you do with 1 million dollars? COSPLAY 
  • Naughty:Tell us three things that your parents disapprove of? Grades, My messy room, My teenage rebellion
  • Oops:What is one thing you'd like to change/fix? A...lot of things :(
  • Rapunzel:Name three Disney movies that you adore.The little mermaid, Frozen(cliche I know),The Hunchback And Notre Dame 
  • Star-sign:When's your birthday? August 27th which makes me a virgo :iconvirgosignplz:
  • Teacher:What do you aspire to be? Do you even know tbh?
  • Unite:Do you sponsor a cause? No but I have several I want to though
  • Varsity:Do you play/watch sport? No
  • Xylophone:Do you play an instrument? No
  • Yellow:What's your favourite colour? Black
  • Zoo:What is your favourite animal? Hedgehogs


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Im super conflicted. I have a crush on like 2 of my best friends. On one hand I want to forget about it, on another I want to tell at least one of them, and on the other I just want to drink myself into oblivion. It just upsets me because I love them both. Lets call them Kayla and Tessa. Tessa is super funny and she gets me and I love her. Kayla on the other hand,,,she is perfect, we have been through everything together, but Im worried about her parents.  
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: Anything and everything
  • Reading: 50 shades of motherfucking grey
  • Watching: life go to waste

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